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About Us

Intelfinity is a simple technology oriented company looking at ways to create meaningful and disruptive projects and products... may it be a simple website for a client or an app for an upcoming startup. For us, programming is a passion, and putting it hand in hand with customer validation is the perfect solution.


Intelfinity was started in the summer of 2010 in Mumbai, India. 'Intel' - short for intelligence and '(In)finity' - short for infinity - shows that there is no limit as to the amount of intelligence that anything can have, and that there is always something more to fill a gap. This "intelligent infinity" is what our customer's experience, whether it is a website revamp/launch to help increase sales and search engine optimization, or software plugins for NGOs in India to increase the speed of donation collections and receipts or simply consulting on technology. The website and all the services were launched officially in Summer 2011; the projects were either personal or education-oriented. Two key defining moments after launch were in Fall 2011, when Intelfinity helped educate teachers in the usage of IT, and Summer 2013, when we earned our first paycheck for the redesign of FLC. As a company, we are interested in 'IoT' or the Internet of Things concept. This is the kind of products we believe will shape the future.


Mahir Kothary
Mahir Kothary is a freshman pursuing Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction with a minor in Entrepreneurship at UW, Seattle. He has previously interned at Fortune 500 companies VMware and Viacom in Singapore and India and will be interning at IBM this summer. He loves taking on programming as well as hardware-related projects, EDM and revels in blending art and technology in digital photography.