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AuTix is a next generation promotional marketing app that encourages new customers to participate in a GPS based treasure hunt to find prizes. This app will provide value to companies allowing them to track user data about their most dynamic demographic.


FLC is a linen company based in India. They provide hotel linen to customers around the world. We had the chance to revamp their website last year, with all the specification given by their design department and the production by us. Clients themselves love the new designs.

Rise of VirtualisationPaper

Commenced a study as part of IB EE to find out how the introduction of virtualization in industries and schools can benefit, listing various methods to tackle data security, integrity and reliability issues. Concluded Postively.


Pathify is a new way to supplement traditional advising, to help students take control over their higher education. Based on carefully selected interest categories, Pathify can suggest up to 3 majors that the student can look into, and offer all information they might need them


An app which can be used to rent cats in the area i.e. Lyft for Cats (Learning Project for CodeDay 2014) (part of a project worked on a Hackathon)

Coding for KidsSoftware

Simple program that can be used to help children create programs through a flowchart mechanism such as Visio, so they learn how to code and structure early


Worried that you may run out of money on your card soon? Need to make sure you have enough towards the end of the quarter? Use us (part of a project worked on a Hackathon)

Startup UWWeb

Currently maintain the design and content of the website for the RSO StartupUW. Responsible for creating new systems to make communication and memberships easier and quicker.

USB OTGHardware

A simple yet low cost device which you can simply connect to your phone (usually Android or other open source systems) and use to link other USB powered devices.


Handled the second revamp of the ABWA MUN website. Used the WordPress with HTML and JS to create interactive online forms and tables for the participants. (First: Rushabh Mehta)

ABWA Alumni AssociationWeb

Created and restored the website for the ABWA Alumni Association. The website is currently under another revamp to add additional features(with Rushabh Mehta)


Sophisticated Solutions. Outstanding Results.
As the first project, handled the revamp of the website for Interaa, a financial advisory and IT company based out of Mumbai India.